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5 Common Coronary Artery Disease Medications and What They Do

These days, anyone suffering from coronary artery disease visits a physician promptly. Taking care of your heart is crucial, and the right medication can make all the difference. These five coronary artery disease medications have proven quite effective at treating symptoms. Some work better than others, of course. You’ll wish to speak with your doctor regarding which medication would best benefit your needs.


When it comes to sealing wounds and preventing bleeding, blood platelets, known as thrombocytes, help to coagulate blood effectively. However, they also block blood vessels, too. Antiplatelets help prevent this from happening. They reduce the blood-clotting process and prevent platelets from sticking to the walls of your blood vessels.


Statins help to lower cholesterol levels in your blood. The benefits don’t stop there, though. Statins have also been found to protect the blood vessel walls, inhibiting inflammation. Anyone suffering from CAD is typically prescribed statins to help, regardless of cholesterol levels.

Beta Blockers

Beta blockers work by lowering your heart rate, reducing the overall strain on your heart. These medications also reduce blood pressure, making them suitable for those with CAD and high blood pressure or heart failure. When taking beta blockers, your life expectancy may be increased significantly.

ACE Inhibitors

ACE inhibitors are another form of medication known to reduce blood pressure. The medication works by causing the blood vessels to open and then lowering blood pressure. The pressure in the heart’s chambers are then subsequently lowered. Anyone suffering from CAD or heart failure may enjoy lowered risk of complications and an improved life expectancy.


Lastly, we have nitrates. Nitrates are also used to widen blood vessels. They work quick and may be used – in spray form, for example – to treat acute angina attacks. Anyone with CAD alongside angina may carry nitrate medication to take as needed. The medication does make you feel tired often, though.

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