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3 Foods to Eat for a Lower Blood Pressure Reading

Lower Blood Pressure ReadingStaying healthy will largely depend on the condition of your heart. It’s imperative to monitor your blood pressure on a routine basis to ensure it’s within the normal range of 120/80. If it’s not and you have mild to moderately high blood pressure readings, you should talk to your doctor about this to determine if medication is the right answer for you. The foods you eat can help lower your blood pressure reading, and this makes it doubly important to make the right choices.

  1. Bananas – If you love fruit and especially bananas, this is an ideal choice to help your blood pressure under control. The potassium is high in this fruit and so is the fiber. Studies have revealed that if you eat two bananas per day, this could decrease your blood pressure as much as 10%.
  2. Tomatoes – This food is loaded with lycopene, and this ingredient has been proven to decrease the amount of your blood pressure with each bite. As little as 25 mg per day of a tomato can provide positive results for you. Additionally, rather than eating a plain tomato, you can enjoy spaghetti sauce and get the necessary dose for optimal results.
  3. Dark chocolate – Who doesn’t live for a sweet treat now and then? One of the all-time favorites for most people is chocolate. However, be sure you buy the dark variety to reap the full benefits of it and possibly lower your blood pressure in the process.

Eating certain foods can have a direct impact on your overall health and may potentially reduce your blood pressure reading in the process. Be sure to schedule a visit to Brookhaven Heart by calling 631-654-3278 and have your heart health checked!